Gaples Institute

A few months ago, I was chatting with my medical students and we were talking about what we’d like to do with our futures. I told my students about my dream of integrating nutrition and cardiology, and one of the students told me to listen to a podcast by The Curbsiders. In this podcast, they interviewed Dr. Stephen Devries, a preventative cardiologist and the Executive Director of the Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology. Check out the podcast at the link to the right.

After listening to this podcast, I immediately emailed Dr. Devries and explained how his work was something I was very passionate about. Everything he spoke about during his interview with The Curbsiders was what I envisioned with my future. Hearing him speak about the importance of nutrition, especially as a cardiologist, was a vote of confidence that my passion about nutrition was being recognized elsewhere. To my surprise, Dr. Devries responded! He took the time to invite me to a conference to learn more about in this field (future posts are on the way) and encouraged me to take the course at the Gaples Institute online. Within a couple weeks, I sat down and did the course. Firstly, the great part about this program is that they have two separate trainings – one for physicians and one for patients. Physicians can take the course and get CME credits, and patients can take the course for free! I took the course while I was sitting at an airport. It was very easy to understand and provided me with some wonderful hand-outs. I encourage everyone – physicians and patients – to take this quick course just to become more familiar with common nutrition terminology and how foods play a role in our health. This course will certainly lead to more physicians talking about nutrition in this clinics and patients to understand how foods affect their body.

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