Herb Garden – Day 0

I definitely do not have a green thumb. In fact, I have killed a cactus before (I forgot I had it, left it on my window sill for 2 months, Oops). Now that I am in residency and live in one of the top 10 expensive cities in the country, I have been paying closer attention to how much everything costs. I never realized how expensive herbs are! It’s crazy how much I pay for things like basil, mint, thyme, and I never use it all! So, I decided to try my hand at starting a mini herb garden. Don’t worry, I’m starting off really easy. When given the option of having to grow a plant from the seeds, I quickly declined. Mom and I thought I should just start with the plant itself and see if I can maintain that for a while (Thanks, Mama!).

So, I started off with two pretty low-maintenance plants – Basil and Chocolate Mint. That’s right! Chocolate Mint. Here is my reasoning: Basil, can literally use it in anything. It can be used in salads, pastas, sauces, to season meats and it tastes amaaaazzzingggg. As for the chocolate mint, I read that this could be used to make tea, which my sister loves! All together, the plants and the pots costed around $25. This post isn’t going to be a recipe, but I will keep y’all updated and hopefully I can post up some recipes in the future using my own herbs!


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