Dream Clinic

What a DAYYYYY! Today I was sitting in lecture thinking, “This is all the information I’ve been wanting to learn for so many years!” Don’t worry, I already have 12 other blog posts drafted to share all the wonderful information I learned today. Wellllll, today’s class got me so excited that I wanted to share an idea I came up with during my senior year of college (dang…5 years ago).

During my senior year, I did a community service trip to Miami where I worked with this phenomenal woman named Trina Spillman, the co-founder and President of The Need to Feed. She and her husband created this organization in order to provide fresh produce to those in needs by starting their own farm and donating their fruits and veggies to a local food bank. Additionally, they provided cooking classes to people in need so they could learn how to use the food they received to eat healthy. Honestly, this experience blew my mind!

So I went to medical school and always thought about someday opening my own clinic where I counseled patients on their health, but also provided weekly or biweekly cooking classes to my patients in order to manage their own health problems. Can you imagine? Not only can patients go to nutritionists and dietitians to get advice, but to also have their own doctor provide them with the education they need to create healthy habits. I want to be that doctor.

This culinary medicine course has provided me with recipes that are quick, low-budget, and can be tailored to help people based on their health. I can’t wait to keep posting what I’m learning in this space, and I hope you all find it helpful.

Featured Image: Dr. Karch — Pediatrician and teacher preparing soup in our cooking class.

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  1. Yay!! Can’t wait to read more since I missed this elective by a year!! Thanks for the information!!


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